Pennsylvania State University


Lead Researcher studying the use of an experimental fiber optic sensor for nondestructive testing and monitoring of steel and concrete structures for the Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania, USA. Performed extensive testing of full-size steel beam and concrete beam outfitted with fiber optic sensors. Analyzed fiber optic data from various configurations to measure dynamic response changes caused by induced structural damage. Obtained results indicating that sensors could predict the onset of structural damage.

Pennsylvania Transportation Institute


Research Assistant studying the effect of existing and proposed truck size and weight configurations on steel bridges for the United States Federal Highway Administration and the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute in University Park, Pennsylvania, USA. Helped develop a computer program to analytically study steel girder fatigue and concrete deck punching shear damage caused by various trucks to a representative national database of steel bridges from the University of Maryland BEST Center. Computer program was used to rate truck configurations by the amount of damage caused to bridges in database.