NE 36th Street Bridge

Redmond, WA, USA


Project Engineer for a new bridge crossing State Route 520 for the City of Redmond, Washington State, USA, connecting NE 31st Street and NE 36th Street. Worked with the technical advisory committee to determine best bridge option. Performed conceptual design of seven bridge alternatives including a cable stayed bridge, an arch bridge, a lid structure, a girder bridge, and several variations of those types.

Due to the high degree of skew of the crossing, standard bridge types would have significantly longer span lengths than the width of the highway. To reduce cost and improve the experience for pedestrians on the crossing, an innovative lid structure was designed whereby a series of precast concrete girders spanned perpendicular to the highway, providing a wide platform for the crossing road with large areas for vegetation and meandering footpaths.  Performed the preliminary design of the selected concept and assisted with and oversaw the final design.

Project was awarded the following award:

  • Local Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award: American Society of Civil Engineers (2011)

Client: City of Redmond, Washington, USA
Engineer and Architect: BergerABAM
Images: BergerABAM

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Aerial photo courtesy of Bing Maps.