About Michael

Michael McDonagh is an experienced bridge design engineer and project manager. He has bridge design and project management experience in the United States, Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates. His project management experience includes the complete management of bridge design contracts with bridge design teams of up to 12 persons on projects with construction values of up to $30M on complex high-profile projects, plus management of teams for portions of much larger projects.

In addition to his project management skills, he is experienced in the analysis and design of bridges, retaining walls, and other transportation related structures.  His design experience includes unique bridge structures such as concrete arch bridges, steel tied-arch bridges, steel truss bridges, long-span pretensioned concrete bridges, balanced cantilever bridges, and precast spliced post-tensioned concrete bridges; numerous types of retaining walls; and custom lids and vault structures.  Michael’s experience also includes bridge condition inspections, rehabilitation of historic bridges, and on-site construction inspection.  He is experienced in performing quantity and cost estimating, structural analysis and design, staged construction investigations, complex structural detailing, specification writing, and bridge load rating.

Michael has extensive knowledge of computer structural analysis, including finite element analysis.  He is experienced in three-dimensional computer modeling of structures for both structural analysis and visual rendering for design.  Computer software experience includes Oasys GSA, GTSTRUDL, SAP2000, LPILE, DFSAP, and Washington State DOT bridge software such as PGSuper, plus Visual Basic programming.

Experienced integrating architectural concepts and aesthetic features into bridge designs, Michael has proposed major architectural features that have been incorporated into numerous bridge projects.  He also has experience working directly with architects and artists to incorporate their ideas into projects. He aims to achieve the best structures possible by adapting both the structure and the architecture to each other in the most efficient manner.

Michael is a native English speaker and is also fluent in French.